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La Bouche Manouche Feat. Irene Serra

La Bouche Manouche is a vintage jazz band deeply influenced by the chic and sophisticated era of the jazz age and beyond. With a repertoire rooted in the sound of gypsy jazz, the band performs swing tunes from Django Reinhardt, traditional gypsy swing tunes, charlestons, French chansons, bal musette, and classic jazz standards from the Great American Songbook.


Formed in London, the band came together over a shared love of all things vintage and sophisticated. Lead vocalist Irene Serra, known for her vibrant and sassy style, is joined by a talented ensemble including Nathan Mansfield on soaring violin and trumpet, Andy Ruiz Palma and Sol Grimshaw on melodic, rhythmic guitars, and the solid bass of Amy Baldwin.


La Bouche Manouche is known for their sultry and vibrant jazz performances, captivating audiences with their timeless music, reminiscent of the swingiest jazz joints.

La Bouche Manouche Feat. Irene Serra band photo
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