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La Bouche Manouche Feat. Irene Serra

Welcome to a swinging evening of foot tapping gypsy jazz! Join Irene Serra's inner circle of supporters and receive "The Christmas EP" for FREE! You'll be treated to 3 Christmas recordings in mp3 arranged in our unique Manouche style and delivered with good cheer!

La Bouche Manouche Red Lips
"The Christmas EP"

Swing with Irene Serra & La Bouche Manouche

Get a taste of our newly released Christmas album "Swinging' in a Winter Wonderland" with this festive EP. Join Irene's mailing list and get ready for some singing, foot tapping and maybe even a bit of dancing in your own homes! We hope you enjoy this EP and wish that you all have yourselves a swingin’ Christmas!

Unreleased EP

Featuring two classic festive songs from our upcoming album: "The Christmas Song"and "Silver Bells"PLUS an unreleased recording of the jazz standard "Jeepers Creepers"! 

Special treats!

Irene rewards her supporters with behind-the-scenes content, uncut and unplugged performances, special offers and free goodies…and this is where you’ll have first access to them!

Irene's Corner

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Through periodic emails Irene shares what inspires her as a vocalist and the ins and outs of a jazz singer’s life! PLUS you’ll be notified of upcoming gigs and livestreams!
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